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Account Application - All Classes*
This application is for use only by clients of financial professionals investing in Investor, Advisor, Institutional, A, C, or R Class shares.

CESA Application*
Use this application to open an Investor, Advisor, Institutional, A or C Class Coverdell Education Savings Account. For investors using a financial professional.

IRA Application*
Use this application to open an Investor, A, C or Advisor class Traditional, Roth or Rollover IRA using a financial professional.

Request to Transfer/Roll Over*
Use this form to transfer retirement assets from your current custodian or trustee to American Century Investments®; roll over employer-sponsored retirement assets to American Century Investments®; transfer an account held with another firm/fiduciary to American Century Investments; or convert a traditional IRA to a Roth IRA.

Application for Banks and Trust Companies
This application is for use only by banks, trust companies, nominees, Third Party Administrators, Retirement Plan Trusts and other institutional investors. You may use this application to open an account invested in any of the Variable Portfolios funds. Accounts are available only to U.S. entities.

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