• One Choice® Target Date Portfolios
    A client-approved web-based presentation for financial professionals to use with clients as an introduction the One Choice® Target Date Portfolios.

The following retail-approved handouts are part of the Financial FYI® series produced by the Investor Education department of American Century Investments®.

Saving for Retirement

  • No Regrets Retirement (PDF) or view our Video
    How ready clients are for retirement may depend on how they handle finances today. Share basic budget strategies.
  • Trim Down Dining Expenses or view our Video
    Cutting down on eating out expenses and saving the money instead can impact a client's future. Show them how.

Building a Retirement Portfolio

Staying on Track

Nearing or In Retirement

  • Ready, Set, Retire
    Clients who are ten years or fewer from retirement should plan for life after the final pay check. Start by reviewing potential risks to their savings and how to combat them.
"Financial FYI" is a registered mark of American Century Proprietary Holdings, Inc.

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