Plan Health Pro®

An Assessment of Retirement Plan Effectiveness Designed to Provide Better Participant Outcomes

This comprehensive evaluation provides advisors with a process for examining and documenting their clients' overall administrative roles and responsibilities, and to highlight a prudent fiduciary process.

Plan Health Pro  provides a summary report  upon the completion of a series of questions offering guidance on plan health, retirement readiness and due diligence. The report provides discussion points with the plan sponsor for improving plan effectiveness.

  • Plan Health: Measures the effectiveness of the due diligence process and participant retirement readiness with consideration given to participant communication and investment strategies.
  • Retirement Readiness: Considers plan objectives, plan design and average savings rates to indicate how likely participants are to have saved sufficiently for retirement.
  • Due Diligence: Examines documentation, scheduled reviews and service provider responsibilities to help evaluate the effectiveness of the due diligence process.

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American Century Investments® developed Plan Health Pro to help retirement professionals organize information to effectively fulfill regulatory responsibilities and to consistently evaluate plan effectiveness. The resource may also be a valuable prospecting tool as it helps:

  • Identify plan objectives and measure progress
  • Maintain client and plan history electronically
  • Educate new officers and committee members
  • Communicate roles and responsibilities by service provider

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For more information about Plan Health Pro, please contact your DCIO sales representative or the internal sales desk at 1-800-345-6488.


Plan Health Pro

Plan Health Pro helps assess a plan's overall health and offer an ongoing process of evaluation and documentation.

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Source: Employee Benefit Research Institute—2013 Retirement Confidence Survey