Straight Talk

Hear straight talk on the economy, markets and portfolio positioning.

Risks, Responses and Our Outlook for Volatility

The “known unknown” is how extensive the spread and human cost of the virus itself. Our CIOs tackle key questions about recent market volatility.

Shake, Rattle and Roll: Closing Out a Wild 2018

The roller-coaster ride of 2018 provides important reminders about market behavior—particularly after several years of consecutive returns.

Managing Multi-Asset Portfolios in Turbulent Market Environments

We unpack the key role of active management in effective multi-asset portfolio rebalancing during times of extreme market volatility.

Weathering Market Swings

Investors often wonder if they should sell their investments when the market hits a rough patch to avoid losses—but patience can be a virtue in volatile markets.

Stocks Are the True Independents in This Election

Presidential elections often lead to volatility in the markets. But “betting” on a political outcome is difficult and potentially costly.

Trading ETFs in Volatile Markets: 4 Key Tips

Keep these four key tips in mind when implementing exchange-traded fund (ETF) investment decisions during periods of market volatility.

Market Uncertainty: Combating Downturns

Although turbulent markets can be unsettling, there are steps you can take to help combat the effects of the downturns on your portfolio.

Playing the Long Game: Investing During Coronavirus Uncertainty

We believe focusing on companies’ potential for long-term, sustainable earnings growth is key to helping endure the economic downturn fueled by COVID-19.

Winning with Defense

Looking for defensive investments to help combat market downturns?

Bankruptcy Isn’t the Cure for Ailing State Budgets

Based on government projections, states will face a record-breaking combined revenue shortfall of up to $650 billion by June 30, 2022. What does that mean for municipal bond investors?

An Appointment With Dr. Sanjay Gupta, MD

What makes the coronavirus different from other viral outbreaks? What will it take to re-open the country? On April 23, CNN Chief Medical Correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta talked to our clients about this historical medical event that is reshaping our lives.

Finding Growth Opportunities in an Uncertain Economic Cycle

Portfolio Manager Jeff Bourke describes how our growth teams are navigating this uncertain environment to find compelling long-term growth opportunities.