Fed Moves Up Rate-Hike Timeline

Inflation remains a key focus.

Infrastructure and Tax Proposals Lift Muni Market’s Profile

We believe the American Jobs Plan and Made in America Tax Plan, which propose infrastructure spending and corporate tax hikes, will likely boost the outlook for municipal bonds (munis) and the broad economy.

How Would Biden’s Tax Agenda Affect Corporate Earnings and Municipal Bonds?

Victor Zhang, CIO, discusses the potential impact of President Joe Biden's proposed wide-ranging tax increases to fund the policy objectives he advocated during the 2020 presidential campaign.

    Inside Washington: A Candid Conversation With Andy Friedman

    Hear insights on the current state of policy proposals and ideas for investors and advisors to consider for potential market reactions to any changes. Watch now.

    We Believe Active Fixed-Income ETFs May Boost Income and Performance Potential

    Actively managed fixed-income ETFs look beyond benchmark constraints to expand income and total return opportunities—all while pursuing cost and tax efficiencies.

    Policies & Investing: A Washington Insider’s Look

    Hear how spending and tax proposals may impact the markets, investments, retirement planning and more from a true Washington insider. Watch now.

    How Bond Investors Can Combat Rising Interest Rates, Higher Inflation

    Two traditional fixed-income foes—rising interest rates and inflation—are making a comeback, highlighting opportunities among select bonds and investment strategies.

    Municipal Bond Outlook: Still Upbeat as Infrastructure Legislation Progresses

    California’s economy faces state-specific challenges from wildfires and drought. But like other states, a strong fiscal backdrop continues to support a positive outlook for the Golden State’s municipal bonds.

    Is Your Portfolio Prepared for Inflation?

    Higher inflation is on the horizon, underscoring the importance of seeking potential purchasing power protection with TIPS.

    Active Management Expands Opportunities in Muni Market

    Research-focused management gives investors exposure to the muni market's broad diversity and tax-advantaged performance potential.

    Global Bond Market Brief

    We unpack the latest developments to help investors navigate the global bond market.

    Municipal Bond Spreads Signal Value

    In our view, spread trends indicate opportunities abound among lower-quality munis.

    Are Hospital Munis on the Mend?

    As many U.S. hospitals strive to regain their financial health in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, active municipal bond (muni) investors are finding value in this hard-hit sector.

    Fixed Income Investing: Reexamine Everything

    It’s a time to be cautious and that means reassessing every holding’s creditworthiness and ability to withstand a recession.

    The Decumulation Conundrum: Income in Retirement

    Participants don’t know how to plan for and spend retirement income. Here’s how the industry is stepping in to address the problem.

    Research Rules in Managing Municipal Bonds

    Muni market dynamics underscore the importance of skilled in-depth credit research to uncover opportunities and manage risks.

    Three Ways to Unlock Value in Today's Credit Market

    As the credit cycle ages and corporate bond investors grow increasingly defensive, we believe select strategies may continue to deliver value.

    Is There Still Value in High Yield? Get an Insider’s View on Valuations

    NCRAM Chief Investment Officer David Crall talks about investing for high income in today's market.

    Investing for High Income

    Nomura Corporate Research and Asset Management discusses how it seeks to identify companies that can carry their debt loads through the economic cycle.

    Keeping Income in Sight, Regardless of Rates

    Co-CIO Charles Tan explains how sector diversification may help smooth out volatility and risk.

    Rising Debt and Deteriorating Credit Quality Expose Potential Risks of Index Investing

    As the global economic cycle matures, certain risks inherent in fixed-income investing will become more apparent.

    High Income for a Low Yield Environment

    As interest rates edge lower, investors or left looking for new sources of income. Used wisely, we believe high-income bonds may fill that need.

    Bond Market Backdrop Bolsters the Search for Value

    Long-term bond investors have enjoyed an extended period of positive performance. The challenge now? Finding value among bonds.