Brave New World: Equity Investing in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

Learn about how artificial intelligence is scaling investment decisions and changing the investment management industry all together.

Emerging Market Stocks: Have They Hit Bottom?

2018 hasn't been kind to emerging markets. Sr. Portfolio Manager Patricia Ribeiro believes fears of contagion, which never materialized, caused the recent volatility. Read why she's still encouraged by opportunities.

Tax Reform to Lift Some Stocks More Than Others

Higher-Quality Companies May Be More Likely to Sustain Tax-Reform Benefits and Enhance Shareholder Value

The Search for Bargains in Value Investing

It's been a tough year for value investors, but VP and Sr. Portfolio Manager Michael Liss sees risk-rewards in energy and consumer staples.

Market Shift from Growth to Value: Short-Term Bounce or Long-Term Trend?

Notes from the Disciplined Equity Desk

Investment Opportunities in Aging U.S. Infrastructure

Failing U.S. infrastructure requires immediate attention, which we believe may create sustained investment opportunities.

Flashback to the '70s: Lessons from Inflation Past

Looking back to a time of rising inflation to better understand current conditions and opportunities.

Can Small Caps Pack Big Dividends?

With an increasing number of small compainies paying dividends, VP and Portfolio Manager Miles Lewis debunks three common myths surrounding this surprising potential source of yield for income investors.

10 Things Investors Should Know About the China A Market

A-shares are shares of mainland China-based companies that are traded the Shanghai Stock Exchange and the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in local currency. The addition of these shares to MSCI’s widely followed indexes is expected to spur billions of dollars in foreign investment in the Chinese market.

Emerging Markets Shake-Up

Emerging markets (EM) are grabbing headlines in this time of heightened global market volatility. The latest turmoil remains limited to only a few developing countries, but media reports are fanning fears of contagion. We believe these fears are unfounded.

The Winners and Losers of Tax Reform

How much of the tax benefit is kept, reinvested, or “competed away” is critical in determining who will come out ahead.

Rising Rates and Volatility: Trouble for Passive Value Investors?

Active and passive strategies rotate in and out of favor as market conditions change. Rising rates and volatility may signal changes ahead.

Beware of Unintended Risks

When world leaders threaten each other with thermo-nuclear war via Twitter, we’d expect far more turbulence. So why haven’t we seen it?

"Price is What You Pay; Value is What You Get"

Growth has obviously beaten down value in recent years. But when do earnings get completely divorced from actual valuations?

Trump’s Decision to Exit from Iran Pact Boosts Energy Sector

Not sure how President Trump's recent decision to exit the Iran nuclear deal will impact energy markets? Get the latest insights from our Global Value Equity team, including how they are strategically adjusting to the developments.

Large Cap Growth: Ignoring Near-Term Impacts

Now more than ever, it is easy to get distracted by daily news flow.  Between attention-grabbing headlines and the viral nature of social media, the news can be a lot to absorb.  Our Premier Growth strategy team, however, remains focused on investing in competitively advantaged companies.

Value Investing: Out of Favor but Not Out of Steam

Tariffs. Rising rates. Geopolitical turmoil. None of this deters Sr. Portfolio Manager Mike Liss on his mission to turn high-quality companies underperforming into shareholder return. See which industries are on his radar this quarter.

Will Electric Vehicles Stall Oil Demand?

Though electric vehicles are expected to gain popularity, we have reasons to believe they won’t significantly impair oil demand growth in near future.

The Changing REIT Landscape

Online retailers and tax reform are having big impacts on the REITs environment in 2018. Here's where PM Steve Brown is looking for opportunities this year.

Value Investing in 2018: Primed for a Comeback?

Value equity Sr. PM Mike Liss sees good risk-reward opportunities in the energy and pharmaceutical sectors in 2018.

Will Growth Stocks Continue to Surge in 2018?

With uncertainties on the horizon heading into 2018, growth PM Michael Li still believes there are still attractive opportunities in the growth investing space.

Finding Value in Pharma, Biotech and Medtech

In the first of a 2-part series, Peter Hardy explains what we look for in pharma, biotech and medtech firms, and what trends may impact them.

Look Beneath the Surface to Understand Growth Versus Value Performance

Investors need to look beneath the surface to understand the increased gap between value stock dividends and growth stock dividends.

Secular Over Cyclical Growth

Are growth stocks expensive or attractive? CIO Greg Woodhams puts them in context, drawing a distinction between secular and cyclical growth.

Has the Bull Market Gotten a Bit Long in the “FANGs”?

Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, and Google (FANG) have been responsible for the lion’s share of U.S. market gains over the last several years.

Small Caps: Finding Opportunities in Divergence

CPM Matt Oldroyd explains divergence between small cap growth and value price-to-earnings ratios and where he looks for opportunities.

Emerging Markets: Not a One-Size-Fits-All Approach

Portfolio manager Patricia Ribeiro takes an active approach when evaluating the 24 diverse countries of the emerging markets universe.

Emerging Markets: Beyond Tariffs and Trade Wars

Going into second quarter, VP & Sr. Emerging Markets Portfolio Manager Patricia Ribeiro looks at the potential effect of a trade war with Mexico.

Tariffs and Trade Wars: How Will Emerging Markets Fare?

The recent negative equity market response -- despite limited economic exposures -- reflects how markets are trying to price in the risk of escalated US protectionism, rather than any specific tariff. We believe the steel and aluminum tariffs will have a limited impact on emerging markets.

Emerging Markets Rally: Room to Grow?

Learn why we believe there may still be opportunities in EM, and why investors should consider making emerging markets a strategic part of a diversified portfolio.

Emerging Markets 2018 Outlook: Will EM Continue to Outperform?

In 2017 emerging markets came back strong from depressed levels. We think stock selection may play a bigger role in 2018.

An Attractive Emerging Markets Picture

What, if anything, worries emerging markets portfolio manager Patricia Ribeiro about the future performance of emerging markets?

Urbanization is Changing the Face of Emerging Markets

Today, the massive population shifts from rural to urban areas is transforming the economies of many of the world’s emerging markets.

Reports of the Death of Emerging Markets Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

Nine months ago, investors anticipated challenges for emerging markets. Turns out, there were reasons to be optimistic.

Emerging Markets Have Hit It Out of the Park Recently

A fund's batting average is a measure of consistency -- the periods of a manager’s outperformance divided by the total number of periods.