Backdrop Bolsters Overlooked Bonds

Following a brief post-election rally, stocks and corporate bonds have turned lower, however, investors in search of a refuge still have options.

Alternative Investments: A Shift from Stocks to Hedging Strategies

Q3 was good to alternative investments, and SVP Cleo Chang expects a smooth period for the foreseeable future. Find out why in her Q4 update.

Alternative Investments in 2018: Hedging the Bull Market

SVP Head of Alternatives Cleo Chang sees these three challenges heading into 2018 that may cause investors to reexamine the risk exposure in their portfolios.

Collateralized Loan Obligations: An Alternative for Rising Rates

As interest rates continue to rise and chip away at bond returns, investors may want to look beyond traditional fixed-income holdings. One attractive alternative in a rising rate environment: collateralized loan obligations (CLOs).

Alternative Strategies in Challenging Markets

As markets wrestle with rising rates, a reduced Federal Reserve balance sheet and the impact of tax reform, could alternative investments provide an avenue for investors to diversify their portfolios beyond stocks and bonds?

    Alternative mutual funds that hold a variety of non-traditional investments also often employ more complex trading strategies than traditional mutual funds. Each of these different alternative asset classes and investment strategies have unique risks making them more suitable for investors with an above average tolerance for risk.