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MASTERCLASS: Small Caps - December 2018

Earn CE by listening to Miles Lewis, VP & Portfolio Manager for our Small Caps Value Portfolio, as he discusses primary issues in small cap stocks, where the future is heading and how investers can better prepare.  

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Meet Your New Robo-Analyst

Humans and machines are complementary forces and a machine is only as intelligent as the data it learns from. Read why we believe artificial intelligence can help scale investment decisions.

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Tax Reform to Lift Some Stocks More Than Others

Learn about why we think higher-quality companies may be more likely to sustain tax reform benefits and enhance shareholder value over the long-term.

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Our Investment Insights

Deadlock Dooms Brexit Vote, Again

The Brexit deal failed to make it through Parliament for the second time in five weeks. Find out what this means for financial markets.

Will REITs Shine in 2019?

If market growth rates slow to single digits in 2019, Sr. Portfolio Manager Steve Brown believes REITs and their dividends could become more attractive.

Slower Growth and Market Returns in 2019

Market expectations are low coming out of 2018. Sr. Portfolio Manager Brent Puff explains the potential implications for global growth markets in 2019.

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