Emerging Markets Rally: Room to Grow?

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Caution Is Warranted

For investors already in or near retirement, it's a good time to reassess portfolio risk.

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Why Allocate to Emerging Markets Equities?

We answer this question by applying the typical theoretical considerations around portfolio construction to emerging markets equities.

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2018 Tax Fast Facts

The new federal income tax rates are available for 2018.

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Good News Triggers Bad Markets

Why, despite a wave of good economic news, are markets deep into negative terrirory? Co-CIOs Victor Zhang and Dave MacEwen explain.

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2018 Investment Themes

The investment professionals at American Century Investments discuss themes they believe will have the most impact on investors going forward.

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Sizing Up Global Markets in 2018

We are in the midst of a synchronized upswing in global economic growth, with the U.S. in a later stage of expansion than Europe or Japan. 

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