2015 National Plan Participant Study

Who's in the Driver's Seat? Participants Just Want to Ride Along

Understand Plan Sponsor and Participant Perceptions

Plan sponsors have perceptions about their participants and vice versa. Understanding how each thinks about their retirement plans can help identify gaps in automatic saving and investment program offerings. Review the results of the most recent national survey to see where you may be able to assist your clients.

Our 2015 National Plan Sponsor Study found:

  • Plan sponsors underestimate how much support employees want in saving for retirement.

  • Employees want more intervention from their plan sponsors.

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Assumptions, Assessments and Actions

2014 Plan Sponsor Study

In our 2014 study, 58% of plan sponsors though employees did not take advantage of available support. Get the complete findings .

Discover More Sponsor Perceptions

Watch the video of key findings from the 2015 national survey of plan sponsors.

Video Overview

2015 Key Findings

Understand plan sponsors' perceptions around plans, participants and partners.


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