Target-Date Blueprint

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Target-Date Blueprint

Three Steps to a Prudent Selection Process

Target-Date Blueprint is designed to help you implement a TDF selection process that seeks to provide a "Safe Harbor" for fiduciaries. It organizes the Department of Labor's Target Date Retirement Funds - Tips for ERISA Plan Fiduciaries (DOL Tips) into three simple steps that seek to reduce the potential for litigation. Target-Date Blueprint helps you narrow the TDF universe to focus only on those whose investment profiles align with a plan’s demographics, risk profile and preferences, helping your clients maintain their Safe Harbor status.


Use Target-Date Blueprint to...

  • Align characteristics of your TDF with a plan's participant profile (Step 1)
  • Document and verify required activities (Step 3)

Use your existing analytical tools to...

  • Analyze performance, risk characteristics, fees and expenses (Step 2)

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A Case Study in Thoughtful Oversight

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Target-Date Risk Dashboard

Use a forward-looking approach to evaluate TDFs on four key risk metrics.

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