QDIA Selection Process

Partner with Clients to Revisit Their Selection Process for Qualified Default Investment Alternatives (QDIA)

Flexible, Consistent and Repeatable Framework

Help clients satisfy their fiduciary obligations by adopting and implementing an objective and prudent QDIA selection and monitoring process.

QDIAs can play a valuable role in helping plan sponsors manage risk while providing participants a well-diversified investment vehicle to save for retirement. An essential component is the process they follow to select and monitor their QDIA.

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Why Now? The QDIA (R)evolution

In 2007, the Department of Labor (DOL) issued QDIA rules to protect sponsors against participant investment losses. These rules remain in place today and are essential as the number of legal actions continue to increase. Review the QDIA evolution to understand current rule.


Five Steps to a Prudent Process

Properly selecting a QDIA is the cornerstone for complying with the DOL rules and a crucial way to increase fiduciary protection. Follow this five-step process to ensure you have a documented approach to guide your clients through the selection process.

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QDIA Selection Kit Process

Save valuable time for you and your clients and help manage fiduciary risk. Download the QDIA Selection Kit Process materials including:

  • QDIA Selection Process Presentation
    Walk clients through the 5-step selection process.
  • QDIA Advisor Guide
    Understand potential responsibilities and liabilities when providing QDIA advice.
  • QDIA Plan Sponsor Guide
    Give plan sponsors an overview of QDIAs and the selection and monitoring process.

QDIA Selection Kit

Save valuable time and download the QDIA Selection Kit Process materials.

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American Century Investments commissioned nationally-recognized ERISA attorney and subject matter expert Jason Roberts of the Retirement Law Group to develop this content. The kit includes resources for both advisors and plan sponsor clients.

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