VP Percentage of Income

2021 Percentage of Income from US Government Obligations

Dividends paid by VP funds includes income from direct and indirect U.S. government obligations.1  This income may be tax exempt in your state. Because state laws vary, please consult your tax advisor or see your state's tax form instructions to determine which types of income are exempt.

1 Direct income is comprised of income from US Treasury Bills, Notes & Bonds, and income from SLMA, FHLB, FFCB, and TVA.  Indirect income is comprised of income from FHLMC, FNMA, and GNMA.

American Century Investments Variable Portfolio Funds (VP Funds) are a series of investment choices available exclusively through variable annuity and variable universal life products. There are no plans to distribute VP Funds in any other way. Performance will vary based on the fees and expenses assessed with investments in variable insurance products. Those charges are disclosed in the separate account prospectus.