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Types of Accounts I Class 1,2   Investor Class 3 Advisor Class  A Class  C Class  R Class  R5 Class  R6 Class  Y Class  
Regular (taxable) $5M  $250  $250  $250  $250  N/A  N/A  N/A  N/A   
Individual Retirement Account (IRA)  $5M  $250  $250  $250  $250  N/A  N/A  N/A  N/A   
Small Business Retirement Plans 4 $5M  $250  $250  $250  $250  N/A  N/A  N/A  N/A   
UGMA/UTMA  $5M  $250  $250  $250  $250  N/A  N/A  N/A  N/A   
Coverdell Education Savings  N/A  $250  $250  $250  $250  N/A  N/A  N/A  N/A   
Group Employer-Sponsored Retirement Plans Serviced by Retirement Recordkeepers 5 N/A  $0  $0  $0  $0  $0  $0  $0  N/A   
Broker-Dealer Sponsored Wrap Programs/Fee-Based  $0  $0  $0  $0  N/A  N/A  N/A  N/A  $0   
Subsequent Purchases  $0  $0  $0  $0  $0  $0  N/A  N/A  $0   

(1) The minimum initial investment amount is generally $5 million ($3 million for endowments and foundations) per fund. If the investor invests with us through a financial intermediary, this requirement may be met if the investor’s financial intermediary aggregates the investor’s investments with those of other clients into a single group, or omnibus account that meets the minimum. The minimum investment requirement may be waived if the investor has an aggregate investment in the American Century family of funds of $10 million or more ($5 million for endowments and foundations). This includes accounts held directly with American Century and those held through a financial intermediary. American Century Investments also may waive the minimum initial investment in other situations it deems appropriate. American Century Investments may permit an intermediary to waive the initial minimum per shareholder as provided in Buying and Selling Fund Shares in the statement of additional information.

(2)) Employer-sponsored retirement plans may not invest in I Class shares, except that plans invested in the I Class prior to April 10, 2017 may make additional purchases. However, the One Choice Target Date Portfolio I Class Funds are available to group employer sponsored retirement plans, with no initial minimums.

(3) The referenced initial and subsequent minimums are for accounts established through a financial intermediary. Financial intermediaries may require their clients to meet different investment minimums. For retail accounts established directly at the fund company, the initial and subsequent minimums are different.

(4) Small Business Retirement Plans include Business IRA’s (SIMPLE, SEP and SARSEP), and Employer-sponsored retirement plans held in brokerage accounts whether a single account for all plan participants with the Fund or multiple accounts for each plan participant.

(5) Certain group employer-sponsored retirement plans, that hold a single account for all plan participants with the Fund, or shares are purchased by certain retirement plans that are part of a retirement plan or platform offered by banks, broker dealers, financial advisors or insurance companies, or serviced by retirement recordkeepers. Refer to Statement of Additional Information for a list of retirement plan types.

Investor Class

Shares made available to investors directly without sales charges or commissions but may be subject to account or transaction fees if purchased through a broker/dealer.

I Class

Available for purchase without sales charges or commissions by endowments, foundations, individuals and large institutional investors and other financial intermediaries.

A Class

Shares made available for purchase through banks, broker/dealers, insurance companies and other financial intermediaries that carry an initial sales charge paid by the investor. The sales charge decreases with the size of the purchase, and may be reduced or eliminated in certain situations. View sales charges for a full description of the breakpoints, reductions and waivers that may be available.

C Class

Shares made available for purchase through banks, broker/dealers, insurance companies and other financial intermediaries that carry a sales charge when redeemed within one year of purchase but no initial sales charge. View sales charges for a full description of the waivers that may be available. C Class shares have higher ongoing expenses than A Class shares.

R Class

R Class shares are sold primarily through employer-sponsored retirement plans and through institutions such as investment advisors, banks, broker-dealers, and insurance companies. R Class shares are subject to a 0.50% annual Rule 12b-1 service and distribution fee.

R5 Class

Generally available only through employer sponsored retirement plans where a financial intermediary provides retirement recordkeeping services to plan participants. To be eligible, plan level or omnibus accounts must be held on the books of the fund.

R6 Class

R6 Class shares are generally available only through employer-sponsored retirement plans where a financial intermediary provides retirement recordkeeping services to plan participants. R6 Class shares do not carry sales charges, commissions or ongoing distribution and service (12b-1) fees, and American Century does not pay any service, distribution or administrative fees to financial intermediaries for R6 Class shares.

Y Class

Available for purchase without sales charges or commissions through financial intermediaries that offer fee based advisory programs. Y class shares may be purchased or redeemed only through financial intermediaries that trade in omnibus accounts with American Century Investments.

Advisor Class

Shares made available for purchase through banks, broker/dealers, insurance companies and financial intermediaries and carry ongoing 12b-1 fees but no initial sales charge.

The products referred to in this website are offered and sold only to persons residing in the United States.


Review important trading information including trading hours, trading Zero Coupon funds, Abusive trading, and Blue Sky laws.

Money Market Funds

Review important information regarding American Century Investments retail and government money market funds. This includes the eligibility restrictions for retail money market funds and the implementation of liquidity fees and redemption gates.



Allows centralized processing of purchase, redemption and exchange orders, settlement and account registration.


An automated recordkeeping system that allows non-trade related activity, such as account establishment, maintenance, transfers, position, activity and dividend files.

Automated Customer Account Transfer Service (ACATS)

ACATS was developed to address the industry's need to reduce delays and inconsistencies associated with manual processing. American Century Investments® participates only in ACATS-Fund/SERV and allows for the re-registration of its mutual fund shares but does not participate in the transfer of other security types.

Transfer-in-Kind (TIK) through ACATS

TIK through ACATS-Fund/SERV improves the process for transferring assets between brokers, banks, and mutual fund companies by using the National Securities Clearing Corporation's (NSCC) ACATS-Fund/SERV functionality.

Transfer of Retirement Assets (ToRA)

ToRA transfers retirement assets between two mutual fund companies. American Century Investments® NSCC-eligible funds have been activated for ToRA processing with the exception of our Learning Quest® business. Please note that SIMPLEs, SARSEPs, and any TRAC accounts are not ToRA eligible.

Mutual Fund Profile Service I & II (MFPS)

MFPS is an automated service to communicate and store non-transactional information to and from fund companies and their distributors. Information available on MFPS includes daily prices and rates (MFPS I), and data on securities, participants and distributions (MFPS II). This information is available to current NSCC participants.

DST Systems

DST Vision®

DST's interactive website provides real-time look up functionality providing financial intermediaries with complete client account access on a daily basis.

American Century Investments® statements are available through Vision.

DST Vision HomeOffice®

Vision HomeOffice is a website designed for the broker/dealer and trust company home office. It provides numerous operational tools to facilitate self-servicing, streamline daily operations, and address compliance challenges.


DST FANMail allows client account information from many different mutual fund companies to be electronically downloaded 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Electronic Fee Statements & Payments

American Century Investments® now provides a fast, efficient and cost effective way for your firm to receive 12b-1 and other trailer payments statements and payments.

Enroll using the Electronic Statement and Payment Authorization Form . Completed forms may be returned by fax to 1-800-378-2011 or an image of the form can emailed to INTOPS@americancentury.com.

NSCC members have the option of receiving payment and details through Commission Settlement. Contact the Payments Team at INTOPS@americancentury.com or call toll-free at 1-877-923-6887 for more information.