The Family Money Talk

$68 trillion will transfer to heirs*

Unfortunately, many family fortunes won’t survive very long after the wealth is handed down. Help clients have a different outcome.

What every client should know

Our Family Money Talk program teaches clients about:

  • Estate decision prerequisites
  • Preparing and approaching family members
  • Critical topics to cover and why
Image of family seated around a table.

Add your value

A family money talk is a gift your clients will give their families to help minimize surprises, lessen confusion and decrease the likelihood that members will come to odds during a time of grief.

Clients may not find the talks easy. But they will appreciate your concern for their heirs—as well as your efforts to help preserve the wealth they worked hard to build.

Set clients up for a smoother wealth transfer

Our program includes tools to help you get started with these client-approved tools:

  • Family Money Talk presentation helps educate clients about discussing money and their wishes with family members before it’s too late.
  • Family Money Talk flyer provides an overview of the presentation and can aide in future conversations with you.
Family money talks can help your clients avoid this fate.

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*$68 trillion is about to change hands in the US, CNBC, November 2018.

** 70% of Rich Families Lose Their Wealth by the Second Generation by Chris Taylor / Reuters, June 2015.

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