Income Portfolios

Income Portfolios at a Crossroads

Are your clients wondering which way to turn for income? Low yields have made it challenging for many of them to reach their income targets. Some investors have stayed parked in cash. Others have chosen to go a route that offers high yields, but also comes with more risk that could ultimately derail their goals. We can help you steer a course that seeks to maximize each client’s opportunity for income today, but doesn’t jeopardize the potential for income tomorrow.

Resources to Help You Navigate Today's Markets

Alternative Income in a Bull Market

Head of Investment Solutions Cleo Chang explains our alternatives team’s active approach in one of the longest bull markets on record.

Emerging Markets Debt: A Return to Normal

Sr. Portfolio Manager Margé Karner sees attractive options for active managers headed into the second half of 2018, despite volatility.

Emerging Markets Debt: On the Heels of a Goldilocks Year

Will 2018 be another positive year for Emerging Market Debt? VP & Sr. Emerging Market Debt Portfolio Manager Marge Karner believes the landscape looks constructive, but there are potential concerns about complacency and valuations becoming stretched.

    Set the Course with the Appropriate Mix of Investments

    bull and bear


    Manage market volatility and risks, which can quickly erode wealth.

    It’s important when you are looking for yield, but prefer less risk and have a lower tolerance for large losses.


    Preserve & Generate

    Lower overall portfolio risk while maintaining yield.

    It’s important when you’re worried about rising interest rates and heightened volatility, but you also want to keep income potential. 



    Maximize income today that doesn't jeopardize the potential for income tomorrow.

    It’s important when you need income today but are also looking to maintain enough growth to potentially make your money last as long as you need it.