How to Evaluate Target-Date Funds: A Practical Guide

The paper explains in a clear and comprehensive way the balance-of-risks approach that underpins the creation of our own target-date series.

HSAs: Untapped for Retirement

Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) boast what other investment accounts cannot: triple tax benefits for eligible medical expenses. They also offer another way to save for retirement. However, investors may need to overcome some misconceptions to make the most of this largely untapped benefit.

Shake, Rattle and Roll: Closing Out a Wild 2018

The roller-coaster ride of 2018 provides important reminders about market behavior—particularly after several years of consecutive returns.

The Risky Business of QDIA Selection

Hear from Rich Weiss, CIO-Multi-Asset Strategies, to gain an understanding of how the long-term bull market has skewed analysis of target-date options.

The Road to Success in TDF Selection

Hear from Rich Weiss, CIO-Multi-Asset Strategies, as he shares his insight on our forward-looking framework for fund analysis.

The High Stakes of QDIA Selection

Target-date funds are the most common qualified default investment alternative used in retirement plans today. Changing market conditions make selecting and monitoring these investments challenging.

Retirement Savers to Employers: Help Me Save More

A survey of retirement savers says employees count on their employers to get prepared for retirement. Review key 2018 findings.

QDIA Survey: Have Tools Kept Up?

Our survey of DC advisors revealed a mismatch between tools and goals in the qualified default investment alternative selection process.

Caution Is Warranted: Reducing Risk for Retirement Investors

Retirement account balances on average in the U.S. ended 2017 at record highs. A stock market reversal could mean years of lost retirement income with little time to recover for investors already in or near retirement. This makes it a good time to reassess portfolio risk.

Start Your Engines for Retirement Savings

In our fifth national survey of plan participants, we again heard common themes about participants’ perceptions on saving for retirement. As in years past, the results revealed that employers and plan administrators can have a profound influence on an employee’s ability to save for a secure future.

5 Steps to Smart QDIA Selection

Properly selecting a QDIA is the cornerstone for complying with the DOL rules. Consider these 5-steps when selecting a QDIA investment.

The QDIA (R)evolution

See how the Qualified Default Investment Alternative (QDIA) has evolved over time as a protection against fiduciary risk.