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Market Minute

Our Investment Teams discuss key topics for today's markets.

4 Reasons Why Investors Should Prepare for Higher Inflation

Despite Federal Reserve claims that recent price hikes may be temporary, several trends suggest inflation may remain elevated, highlighting a potential risk to investors.

Electric Vehicle Race Is Gaining Speed

Which automakers are well-equipped to meet the surging demand for battery electric vehicles?

    Insights for Advisors

    Focused Dynamic Growth Fund Update

    The American Century® Focused Dynamic Growth Fund, a strategy seeking early stage, rapid growth companies within a high-conviction, risk-managed framework.

    Can the Small-Cap Surge Continue in 2021?

    Exposure to small-cap equities could benefit investors in 2021 and beyond.

    New Research Identifies Optimal Glide Paths—and the Disconnect with the Typical TDF

    New research combines real-world participant behaviors with academic rigor to identify optimal glide paths for plan participants—and reflects just how far the industry is from that standard.

    NYSE spoke with Daniel Ong about our new Emerging Markets Value ETF: AVES

    NYSE spoke with Daniel Ong about our new Emerging Markets Value ETF: AVES and its differentiated strategy among other emerging markets products available today.

    China’s Regulatory Crackdown Doesn’t Derail Investment Opportunities

    New regulations aimed at education and technology companies have led to market uncertainty and volatility in China.

    Straight Talk

    Hear straight talk on the economy, markets and portfolio positioning.

    ETFs Unscripted

    Our ETF experts provide timely market updates in the ETF Industry Update Series.

    Sustainable Equity Strategies

    The American Century Sustainable Equity Strategies apply our unique blend of financial analysis and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) screening criteria to provide a comprehensive view of a security.

    High Income for a Low Yield Environment

    As interest rates edge lower, investors or left looking for new sources of income. Used wisely, we believe high-income bonds may fill that need.

    Emerging Markets Equity Update

    Our investment philosophy is centered on the belief that companies which exhibit accelerating, sustainable earnings growth—driven by improving business fundamentals—outperform the market over time.

    Small Cap Growth Fund Update

    The American Century® Small Cap Growth Fund pursues high growth through investments in smaller companies exhibiting both sustainable accelerating earnings growth and positive price momentum.

    Revisiting Earnings Acceleration

    Is earnings acceleration an underused source of diversification and excess return? See what the new data shows across regions, sectors and factors in different market environments.