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Investment Ideas Beyond “Big Tech” Stocks

The innovative companies driving these changes may offer opportunities for investors to reduce concentration risk in portfolios that may be overloaded with big-name technology companies.

Biden's Victory—A Likely Boon For ESG, But Is It Enough?

The Democratic-controlled House of Representatives will likely echo Biden's stance on climate change, resulting in a strengthening of the federal government's role in energy and environmental policy.

Biden Won’t Ride a Blue Wave, but Change Is Coming

Biden has pledged to work with Republicans on Capitol Hill. Failing that, he won’t be powerless to pursue his agenda.

    Insights for Advisors

    Weekly CIO Update

    Hear straight talk on the economy, markets and portfolio positioning.

    Market Uncertainty: Combating Downturns

    Although turbulent markets can be unsettling, there are steps you can take to help combat the effects of the downturns on your portfolio.

    Value Investing Today: FAQs and Answers

    In this Q&A, Executive Portfolio Manager Phil Davidson and Senior Client Portfolio Manager Mike Rode discuss current issues important to value investors.

    Can Small Companies Pack Big Dividends?

    Small-cap stocks can be an unexpected potential source of sustainable dividends.

    Financials Sector in Focus for Value Investment Managers

    Investment pros believe financial stocks are good long-term investments despite short-term concerns.

    Equity Income Strategy Update

    What’s our strategy for finding high-quality overlooked companies? Our Equity Income team shares their insights and expert perspectives.

    Life After the Pandemic

    We examine how a sustained shift toward working from home might affect consumer spending habits in the post-pandemic world.

    Are Stretched Valuations of Big Tech Stocks a Warning?

    Fast growth may be enticing but beware ignoring the rest of the market.

    The Ongoing Rise of Tesla

    Find out why we view Tesla as a transformative technology company positioned for growth well into the future.

    A Focus on Growth and Innovation

    Listen to a Q&A with Senior Portfolio Manager Keith Lee and Director, Product Management Mark Gregory offering a comprehensive strategy overview.

    The Conundrum of Investing in Small-Cap Value Tech Stocks

    We see opportunities in under-the-radar companies like laser manufacturers, but you can’t take a passive approach to finding them.

    COVID-19 Changes Will Affect Emerging Markets Investment Opportunities Beyond Technology

    New investment opportunities in emerging markets (EM) are resulting from the coronavirus pandemic’s impact on consumer behavior.