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Fast-Growing Digital Finance Companies Are Creating Long-Term Investment Opportunities

We are finding opportunities in select digital finance companies that we believe offer attractive long-term performance potential.

Breakthrough Medical Treatments Brighten Outlook for Alzheimer's Patients

Senior Portfolio Manager Michael Li discusses Biogen, a company with the potential of doing well financially over the long term and focusing on social good with its breakthrough treatment.

Sustainable Equity Fund Sustainability Report

See how we have integrated ESG analysis alongside traditional financial evaluation to identify sustainable companies that offer the potential to deliver excess returns over time.

    Insights for Advisors

    Straight Talk

    Hear straight talk on the economy, markets and portfolio positioning.

    Sustainable Equity Strategies

    The American Century Sustainable Equity Strategies apply our unique blend of financial analysis and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) screening criteria to provide a comprehensive view of a security.

    The Conundrum of Investing in Small-Cap Value Tech Stocks

    We see opportunities in under-the-radar companies like laser manufacturers, but you can’t take a passive approach to finding them.

    ETFs Unscripted

    Our ETF experts provide timely market updates in the ETF Industry Update Series.

    Managing Taxes With Loss Harvesting and ETFs

    Tax-loss harvesting lets you use the losses of one investment to offset gains in another. Learn how it may help reduce your tax bill.

    Understanding the Tax Advantages of ETFs

    How the tax advantages of ETFs help investors keep more of what they invest.

    Focused Dynamic Growth Fund Update

    The American Century® Focused Dynamic Growth Fund, a strategy seeking early stage, rapid growth companies within a high-conviction, risk-managed framework.

    Small-Cap Biopharmaceuticals: The Epicenter of Medical Innovation

    We see opportunities in smaller-cap biopharma companies developing treatments and cures for unmet medical needs.

    Small Cap Growth Fund Update

    The American Century® Small Cap Growth Fund pursues high growth through investments in smaller companies exhibiting both sustainable accelerating earnings growth and positive price momentum.

    Equity Income Fund Updates

    The American Century® Equity Income Fund seeks to deliver income, build capital and manage downside risk over time.

    What Wall Street Is (Still) Missing About Tesla

    We believe the market’s focus on short-term results creates opportunities for long-term investors in ground-breaking companies like Tesla.

    Solar Energy Making Notable Inroads in U.S. Electric Grid

    Solar energy is particularly attractive given its ability to scale from large utility-sized installations to small individual rooftops.