The Decumulation Conundrum: Solving for Income in Retirement

A growing number of people no longer have guaranteed income to fund their retirement. We discuss potential investment- and insurance-based retirement income solutions.

Asset TV MASTERCLASS: Insights and Expectations for 2020

Three of the finest at American Century will discuss how they've managed their specific areas of expertise throughout all of it and what they see on the horizon in 2020.

Asset TV: In the Hot Seat

Rich Weiss, CIO, Multi-Asset Strategies, addresses a range of topics, including the drivers of return and risk in target-date funds, elements of glide path design and a breakdown of the SECURE Act.

TDF Glide Paths: Why They Matter

Portfolio Manager Vidya Rajappa offered her insight on how glide paths can shape retirement outcomes.

Long-Term Capital Market Assumptions

Capital market return assumptions are an essential component of the investment tools and capabilities we deploy to aid clients in developing portfolio solutions.

The Making of a Glide Path

Understanding the impact of design decisions on retirement outcomes.

The Beginning of a Drastically Different Environment

Head of Multi-Asset Strategies Rich Weiss is in the "cautiously optimistic" crowd. What's holding him back?

The Risky Business of QDIA Selection

Hear from Rich Weiss, CIO-Multi-Asset Strategies, to gain an understanding of how the long-term bull market has skewed analysis of target-date options.

Equities: Proceed Cautiously

With economic growth decelerating, Multi-Assets Strategy CIO Rich Weiss believes investors are at the likely end of this cycle. And for him, that means taking money off the table and once again seeing the benefits inherent within active management.

Why Allocate to Emerging Markets Equities

Our analysis shows a compelling case to consider a strategic allocation to emerging markets equities in both equity-only and balanced portfolios, with potential benefits for both short- and long-term investors.

Is the U.S. Bull Market Running Out of Steam?

There’s a lot of excitement around the stock market lately, but real economic growth has been range bound for several years.

Target-Date Funds: Flexing with Market Forecasts

Lifecycle risks change with the market environment. We believe an investor's retirement shouldn't be put on hold due to changing markets.

Target-Date Risk Management: Balancing Bulls and Bears

Economies cycle. Markets ebb and flow. We are evolving our approach to glide path construction to be more responsive to market conditions.

The Importance of Alpha Diversification: Increasing “Hit Ratio” in Multi-Asset/Multi-Manager Portfolios

Gain practical insights on how to choose an optimal mix of underlying fund managers for multi-asset or multi-manager portfolios. Also, learn more about portfolio "hit ratio," which measures the percentage of periods a portfolio has outperformed its investment benchmark.

Dynamic Risk Management: Balancing Target-Date Risks for Changing Market Environments

Our objective has always been to increase the likelihood of retirement success for the broadest number of participants. Consistent with this method, we are incorporating a dynamic approach to risk management that follows the market environment.

The Road to Success in TDF Selection

Hear from Rich Weiss, CIO-Multi-Asset Strategies, as he shares his insight on our forward-looking framework for fund analysis.

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