Is There Still Value in High Yield? Get an Insider’s View on Valuations

Valuations on high-yield bonds have climbed since the beginning of 2019. CIO David Crall, CFA discusses why he believes high yield will continue to offer attractive return potential.

Market Climate Favors High-Yield Bonds Over Leveraged Loans

Learn why newly issued high-yield bonds offer a key advantage over leveraged loans in today's low-rate environment.

Investing for High Income

Nomura Corporate Research and Asset Management discusses how it seeks to identify companies that can carry their debt loads through the economic cycle.

What to Expect from the Muni Market in 2018

We saw the resiliency of the municipal market in 2017. Going into 2018, we're monitoring how changes in tax and healthcare policies may impact the issuance and value of munis.

Corporate Bond Investing in 2018: Finding the Value

VP & Sr. Fixed Income Portfolio Manager Kevin Akioka sees a couple of wild cards for corporate bond investing—tax reform probably being the big one.

High Income for a Low Yield Environment

As interest rates edge lower, investors or left looking for new sources of income. Used wisely, we believe high-income bonds may fill that need.

Keeping Income in Sight, Regardless of Rates

Co-CIO Charles Tan explains how sector diversification may help smooth out volatility and risk.

Rising Debt and Deteriorating Credit Quality Expose Potential Risks of Index Investing

As the global economic cycle matures, certain risks inherent in fixed-income investing will become more apparent.

Finding Corporate Bond Opportunities in a Volatile World

Volatility is leading to lots of questions about where the corporate bond market is heading. What's keeping PM Kevin Akioka up at night?

Finding Value in Volatility

Learn more about why we believe staying selective is key to navigating through today's bond market.

Fixed Income: A Defensive and Patient Playbook

The first quarter of 2018 reminded markets that volatility is a risk. In this quarter’s outlook, SVP & Sr. Fixed Income Portfolio Manager John Lovito provides insight into how volatility prompted his team to pivot, and he also shares into his thoughts around liquidity, trade wars and rate hikes.

Bond Market Resiliency Through Geo-Political Threats

In this quarter’s update, Sr. VP and PM John Lovito dives into the three markets with the most risk for aggressive monetary policy.

Emerging Markets Debt: On the Heels of a Goldilocks Year

Will 2018 be another positive year for Emerging Market Debt? VP & Sr. Emerging Market Debt Portfolio Manager Marge Karner believes the landscape looks constructive, but there are potential concerns about complacency and valuations becoming stretched.

Emerging Markets Debt: A Return to Normal

Sr. Portfolio Manager Margé Karner sees attractive options for active managers headed into the second half of 2018, despite volatility.

Asset TV MASTERCLASS: Municipal Bonds

Municipal bonds have been in high demand generating positive returns so far in 2019. What opportunities and challenges are ahead? On this Masterclass, a panel of experts discuss the world of Municipal Bonds.

Bond Market Backdrop Bolsters the Search for Value

Long-term bond investors have enjoyed an extended period of positive performance. The challenge now? Finding value among bonds.