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Mid Cap Growth Impact ETF: 2021 Impact Report
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Focused Dynamic Growth Fund Update

The American Century® Focused Dynamic Growth Fund, a strategy seeking early stage, rapid growth companies within a high-conviction, risk-managed framework.

ETFs Unscripted

Our ETF experts provide timely market updates in the ETF Industry Update Series.

Understanding the Tax Advantages of ETFs

How the tax advantages of ETFs help investors keep more of what they invest.

Managing Taxes With Loss Harvesting and ETFs

Tax-loss harvesting lets you use the losses of one investment to offset gains in another. Learn how it may help reduce your tax bill.

Understanding the Tax Efficiency of ETFs

Having a tax-efficient portfolio is critical for some investors. The results of a recent case study by American Century Investments help quantify the tax efficiency of ETFs over mutual funds for both equity and fixed-income vehicles.

ETF Trading: Trade Large Blocks of ETFs Efficiently

Learn how to trade large blocks of ETFs using a reliable block desk.

Liquidity of ETFs: Exploring the Different Levels

ETFs have different layers of liquidity that allow investors to trade ETFs in amounts that can far exceed an ETF’s Average Daily Volume without significantly affecting the ETF’s price.

Active Management Expands Opportunities in Muni Market

Research-focused management gives investors exposure to the muni market's broad diversity and tax-advantaged performance potential.

3 Tips to Help Temper Taxes

Using three key financial planning strategies, investors can manage taxes on investment gains and dividends in an effort to improve overall performance.

We Believe Active Fixed-Income ETFs May Boost Income and Performance Potential

Actively managed fixed-income ETFs look beyond benchmark constraints to expand income and total return opportunities—all while pursuing cost and tax efficiencies.

How Much Value Does an ETF Add to My Taxable Account?

We share hypothetical examples to show the magnitude of the impact and expected advantage an ETF has over a mutual fund in a taxable account.

High Time for Hybrid ETFs?

In periods of interest rate uncertainty and stock market volatility, the hybrid features of convertible and preferred securities ETFs may enrich your investment mix.

The American Families Plan and the Potential Impact on Your Taxes

The American Families Plan proposes several significant tax changes. Here are some key proposals we’re tracking and how they may impact you.

ETFs: Begin with the Basics

ETFs have changed significantly since their 1993 introduction. Here's a primer on some things you should know to help make better-informed decisions on how and when to use them in investment portfolios.

Four Market Order Types and Best Trading Practices

While no hard-and-fast rules apply under all circumstances, different situations and investor objectives call for differing tactics. Here we explain the different order types and provide some tips for trading ETFs.

Preferred Stock ETFs: Seeking Yield in a Low-Rate World

Portfolio Managers Hitesh Patel and Rene Casis discuss preferred securities, outlining the potential benefits and risks of investing in an actively managed portfolio of preferreds.

The Case for Convertibles: Enhancing Growth and Income Potential with Convertible Bond ETFs

Two of our portfolio managers explain how convertible bonds work and why investors should consider investing in these securities via actively managed ETFs.

Beware of Biases Driving 'Unbiased' Growth and Value Indices

The composition of market indices relies on active behind-the-scenes decision-making that can compromise the style purity of passive portfolios.

Active ETFs: A Look Under the Hood

Active managers can now offer their time-tested active strategies in what continues to be a popular investment vehicle, the Exchange Trade Fund (ETF).

Trading ETFs in Volatile Markets: 4 Key Tips

Keep these four key tips in mind when implementing exchange-traded fund (ETF) investment decisions during periods of market volatility.

Active ETFs Continue to Evolve

SEC approval of the “proxy structure” for semitransparent ETFs will enhance offerings for investors seeking active ETFs.

ETF Selection: Understand the Costs

Understanding the range costs associated with owning an ETF may help you make better-informed decisions about which one will suit your needs.

    NYSE spoke with Matthew Dubin about AVSD

    NYSE spoke with Matthew Dubin about our new Avantis Responsible International Equity ETF.

    NYSE spoke with Daniel Ong about AVSE

    NYSE spoke with Daniel Ong about our new Avantis Responsible Emerging Markets Equity ETF.

    NYSE spoke with Eduardo Repetto AVSU

    NYSE’s Judy Shaw speaks with Avantis Investors Eduardo Repetto, CIO, about one of their new responsible ETFs—AVSU.

    Edward Rosenberg Speaks with CFRA

    Edward Rosenberg discusses Semitransparent ETFs one year after launch with CFRA.

    Active ESG ETFs: What's Driving Demand?

    Douglas Yones, Head of Exchange Traded Products at the NYSE, talks with Sandra Testani, CFA, CAIA, about what’s driving the interest in ESG investing.

    Rene Casis Interview at ETF Exchange Conference

    Rene Casis, ETF Portfolio Manager, speaks with Asset TV at the 2022 ETF Exchange Conference.

    What's the Fund? Sandra Testani talks MUSI

    Douglas Yones, Head of Exchange Traded Products at the NYSE talks with Sandra Testani, CFA, CAIA about our recently launched Multisector Income ETF (MUSI).

    NYSE spoke with Eduardo Repetto about new Avantis U.S. Large Cap Value ETF: AVLV

    Hear NYSE's Judy Shaw speak with Avantis Investors' Eduardo Repetto, CEO, about the AVLV fund.

    NYSE spoke with Ted Randall about AVIV

    NYSE's Judy Shaw talks with Avantis Investors' Senior Portfolio Manager Ted Randall about the recently launched Avantis International Large Cap Value ETF: AVIV.

    NYSE spoke with Phil McInnis about our new Real Estate ETF: AVRE

    NYSE’s Judy Shaw talks with Avantis Investors’ Vice President and Director of Investments Phil McInnis, about Avantis Investors Real Estate ETF – AVRE.

    NYSE spoke with Daniel Ong about our new Emerging Markets Value ETF: AVES

    NYSE spoke with Daniel Ong about our new Emerging Markets Value ETF: AVES and its differentiated strategy among other emerging markets products available today.

    Three Questions in Three Minutes: QPFF

    Cboe asks Sandra Testani, Vice President, ETF Product and Strategy, three questions about the recently listed Quality Preferred ETF that offers the potential for high, sustainable income and portfolio diversification.

    Three Questions in Three Minutes: QCON

    Cboe asks Sandra Testani, Vice President, ETF Product and Strategy, three questions about the recently listed Quality Convertible Securities ETF.

    Exploring ETFs Monthly Call Series

    Our experts share ETF best practices, product knowledge and investing insights in our Exploring ETFs Monthly Call Series.

    ESG Investing, Sustainable Equity and Mid-Cap Growth Impact ETFs

    Listen to our experts Bernard Chua, CFA and Jonathan Bauman, CFA discuss how American Century approaches Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) investing and how it's incorporated into our new ETFs.

    What's The Fund? LVOL with Rene Casis

    NYSE’s Judy Shaw talks with Rene Casis, ETF Portfolio Manager, about our newly launched Low Volatility ETF – LVOL and its differentiated strategy among other low volatility products in the marketplace today.

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