Alternative Investments in 2018: Hedging the Bull Market

In our latest quarterly video, Cleo Chang, Head of Alternative Investments at American Century Investments discusses:

  • Key factors that drove 2017’s impressive performance 
  • Benefits of utilizing equity market neutral and long/short equity strategies 
  • Advantages of a diversified income approach

Why Offer Alternative Investments

As the demand for broader diversification increases, hear why American Century Investments has come together with Perella Weinberg Partners to offer high quality alternative products to our clients.

The Essentials of Alternative Investing

Some strategies that advisors and investors have used in the past to help prepare for market swings may not work today as the markets and clients' needs are evolving. So how can alternative investments help?

Watch this video to better understand the role that alternatives may play in your portfolio by potentially:

  • Helping manage volatility with a different source of risk and return
  • Lessening the impact of market swings as they tend to react differently than traditional stocks and bonds
  • Helping improve a portfolio’s diversification when they tend to react differently than stocks and bonds

Fact or Fiction: Uncovering the Reality of Alternatives

Alternatives can be complex.

As the availability of alternative investments has become more widespread, the understanding of them has not. Through a comprehensive discussion with Cleo Chang, SVP, Head of Alternative Investments, she attempts to demystify alternative investing and tackles some the more challenging questions investors have about these products.

AC Alternatives® Income Fund

Many Investors are Taking on Risk in Search of Income

As the bond bull market continues to age and yields hover near historical lows, income has become elusive. Many investors have extended beyond core investment-grade corporate bonds and Treasuries, taking on greater risk in search of income. These risks may become more apparent as the pace and timing of interest rate hikes and shrinking bond market liquidity give rise to higher volatility.

Finding the Right Balance Between Income and Risk

AC Alternatives® Income Fund is designed to address a client’s desire to generate income while striving to mitigate the risks of rising interest rates and heightened volatility through broad diversification, adept manager selection and dynamic portfolio construction. The Fund seeks to offer a comprehensive solution for income generation and volatility reduction throughout market cycles.

In the accompanying video, Victor Zhang, SVP & Co-CIO at American Century Investments and Chris Bittman, CIO and Partner at Perella Weinberg Partners discuss, “What role can AC Alternatives Income play in an investor’s portfolio?”

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