Emerging Markets:
Opening a Window to International Diversification


2017 Mid-Year Insights



Understanding Emerging Markets Opportunities


The American Century Advantage

Our distinctive philosophy centers on identifying companies that are positioned for an acceleration in earnings and revenue.  By focusing on the rate of change and positive earnings momentum, rather than an absolute rate of growth, we can capitalize on a different opportunity set than many competitors and gives us the potential for differentiated returns across market cycles.

"We believe that when a company's earnings per share are growing at an increasing rate it represents one of the most important tools in determining a stock's potential to increase in value"

- Patricia Riberio, Vice President, Senior Portfolio Manager


A Collaborative Environment

The Emerging Markets team is based out of our New York office. This office includes five teams that manage global and non-U.S. portfolios using the same time-tested growth philosophy and fundamental discipline. Our five teams interact through daily research meeting and share macroeconomic, political, company, competitor and supplier data among the portfolio teams. This meeting facilitates the sharing of information amongst investment teams so that they are able systematically gather global information and use that information to make timely investment decisions. The Emerging Markets strategy benefits from the free flow of ideas that is generated by this collaborative environment.

Patricia Ribeiro

Patricia Ribeiro
Vice President, 
Senior Portfolio Manager

Industry start: 1984
Firm start: 2006

Sherwin Soo, CFA

Sherwin Soo, CFA
Portfolio Manager

Industry start: 1995
Firm start: 2011

Nathan Chaudoin

Nathan Chaudoin
Vice President,
Client Portfolio Manager

Industry start: 2000
Firm start: 2014


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